• "Before I began CBT, I was struggling with anxiety and low self esteem. From my initial contact with Moray, I was put at ease and immediately felt reassured that I was going to get the help I needed. The sessions were extremely practical, giving me the strategies I needed to change my negative thought patterns and build my confidence in social situations. Moray has gone over and above to ensure that I left each session feeling equipped to deal positively with situations that had previously been a huge challenge. I could not recommend CBT sessions with Moray more highly. My friends and family have seen a huge difference in me and I could not be more grateful"
  • "Go with an open mind and you get to see how strong you really are. Moray was amazing at getting you to understand yourself and giving you the proper means to overcome your negative thoughts and anxiety. I highly recommend CBT, every session was an inspiration to get better and the end result is that I now feel confident to overcome any obstacles in life"
  • “I have been working with Moray since May 2018 and have embarked on a journey through CBT practices that have been tailored to support my specific personal needs. I am a full-time working professional who up until this point was not aware of CBT, nor did I believe I required it and was naïve to the benefit of one to one sessions with a professional in this industry. Last year a number of events occurred which meant I needed to reach out to someone for support. Fortunately I was pointed in the direction of Moray Leyland. Before our first session I was nervous and apprehensive, I had concerns over who I would be meeting and if CBT was going to be able to help me in anyway. In our first session, Moray greeted me into a comfortable setting which was not artificial in anyway, I knew this was a genuine interaction and after our first session I had come away with a sense of warmth and trust towards Moray as a person and a professional. Moray was a great choice, with a caring personality and clearly a wealth of knowledge and experience I was easily able to open up in a safe environment.The CBT sessions not only opened up a channel to communicate my feelings and thoughts but I quickly learned these sessions are not just talking therapy. Moray and CBT taught me about my mind, the processes that it was going through which ultimately were creating emotion, thoughts and actions relating to the incidents that had occurred previously. Moray then teaches you practices that you can add into your life that will ultimately help you understand your cognitive behaviour and help to bring back positive control over your mind and your life.I cannot stress enough that I have since come leaps and bounds since our first session and my life is great and enjoyable again. The most important thing I have learned since meeting Moray and learning CBT is that it is not only to be learned or used at one point in your life. CBT is something I will continue to use and pass on to others. The upsides are endless and once again I would happily recommend Moray and her services to anyone”.