How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the length of time you have had the problems and the impact they are having on your daily functioning. However, typically most of my clients need between 4 and 16 sessions to make a meaningful and lasting change. Session are usually weekly or fortnightly, according to your needs.

How do I know if your help it is suitable for me?

I can arrange a short phone call to discuss the type of help you want and any questions you may have before starting any treatment.If I am not able to help you, then I will try to suggest other treatment options that may be more suitable for your problems.

What happens in the first CBT session?

During the  first CBT session I will do a full assessment of your problems. This will look to understand how your current difficulties are impacting you and if there were recent events that triggered this to happen. It will also look at what other factors might be contributing to your problems including earlier life experiences or other current stress factors such as work, relationships , health or family issues. At the end of the assessment , I will try to help you develop some goals for treatment for what you would like to be different by the end of treatment to focus the work. There will be time given for you to ask me questions about treatment or any other concerns you have.

If I need more urgent help ?

Please be aware that I am not able to offer treatment for those that need urgent help. If you feel highly distressed or are concerned about keeping yourself safe then contact your GP, 111 or 999 ( in an emergency) as soon as possible to discuss treatment options or get more urgent help. 

 You can also call Samaritans on 116 123